Residential gundog training

A well-trained gundog is a pleasure to handle and greatly enhances your day in the field, be it as a Gun or shoot helper. At Haws Hill we go to great lengths to establish the requirements of the owner before training commences.

A picking up team waiting patiently on a local shoot.

We have extensive experience in the training and handling of gundogs, both in the shooting field and in competitions. Our own dogs regularly pick up and beat on local shoots.

There is no such thing as a set training program, each dog is different and the time taken will depend on the temperament and aptitude of the dog, and the expectations of the owner. If you are thinking of buying a gun dog we are happy to give advice on which breed and bloodlines will best suit your requirements.

All training programs begin with a 1-2 week assessment of the dog, allowing it time to settle into its new environment and to allow us to gain a basic understanding of the dogs personality. After this assessment we will speak to the owner to discuss the best way forward and to agree a program of training.

Once this is agreed we keep in regular contact with the owner to update them on progress and to discuss any issues. Dog training is similar to a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ – most of the time will be on ladders, but occasionally there will be snakes! Visits can be arranged to view your dog in training but these should be limited to avoid unsettling them.

As stated it is difficult to be precise as to the length of time training will take but an average would be 12-16 weeks to complete basic gundog training. This time scale would be increased if more advanced training were required. This would be discussed and confirmed with the owner following initial assessment. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all dogs we train have experience of live game, both in the rabbit pen and in the shooting field, before being returned to their owner.

Once the program is complete we will run an extensive training session with the owner as we believe that it is just as important that the owner is trained as the dog. Further one to one sessions can be arranged if needed.  Price on application.